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Tsukiyomi Investment Group

Tsukiyomi Investment Group is a leading Blockchain Advisory dedicated to the research of blockchain and future tech. Our research allows us to invest in startups and established projects we deem pioneers in the blockchain space.

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About us

The Tsukiyomi Investment Group is a digital Financial Agency specializing in Blockchain technology.

We specialize in the Investment, Advising, Branding and marketing of new Blockchain based technologies.

We develop unique growth strategies focused on the key aspects of blockchain business by leveraging key relationships and our experience in this industry.


Our areas of


Financial Investment

Providing early round funding for upcoming projects and ensuring the financial stability of your project.

- Seed Investments
- Strategic Investments
- Marketing Investments

Project Advising

Our team consists of experienced individuals, with lots of industry connections to help your project flourish.

- Partnership opportunities
- Marketing Rollout Plan
- UI/UX, Branding, Front-End


A focus on marketing and connecting you with partnership opportunities.

- PR connections
- Influencer connections
- AMA Scheduling

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